Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews

It is good to have the hobbies of sewing. It means that you will have the possibilities of crafting your beautiful dress and clothes easily. The machine will be your best partner in doing the sewing activity. We know that there are a lot of machine that can be chosen. If you are the regular sewer, it means that you will only need the standard sewing machine. But how is about the industrial use? Well, they might need to consider about best heavy duty sewing machine. It is a kind of sewing machine that offers greater work and durability along its age.

What is Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Most of people cannot differentiate well between the durable sewing machine and heavy duty sewing machine. Basically these items are different. It is all based on your own needs. If you want to sew a common cloth rarely, you can use the standard sewing machine. However if you want an everlasting product for your daily sewing, you can choose heavy duty sewing machine. This kind of machine is made with a full of consideration. It does not offer any special features because it will offer a complete basic function of a sewing machine. This is purposed to make the machine is everlasting and are appropriate to be used every you need it off.

Advantages of Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Main advantages that you will get from heavy duty sewing machine are the presence of its durability. A special made sewing machine is applicable for afford the rough usage. You can use this type of machine to sew jeans or any hard fabrics. Mostly, this machine is having no maintenance at all. It happens because each of the part of the machine is already made to afford a very long time of work. If there is some trouble in the machine, you will also easily fix them off.

Top 3 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Reviews

#1. Singer 4423

SINGER 4423In order to give you some recommended product to buy, here is SINGER 4423, a heavy duty sewing machine that carries 1,100 stitches per minute speed. This kind of heavy duty machine is really powerful because it can finish your job in a very short time. With less time of production, your product quality will be much more in a day. You can choose this one because it uses special material that consists of metal frame stuff. It has the especial skip free sewing option that will keep your machine work well. It also has powerful part on its stainless steel bed plate. This part will give you smoother fabric feed when you do sewing. With this power, the machine can afford 23 built in stitches. They are essential stitches, stitches for decorative, stretch fabric and also for 4 step buttonhole. You can also make use its automatic needle threaded for fast sewing.

#2. Janome HD1000

Janome HD1000Singer is not the one and only manufacturer that produce heavy duty sewing machine, Janome HD1000 is one of the stuff that can be the strongest competitor. This stuff is equipped by using built in automatic needle threaded as well. This element is really needed for fast sewing need. You do not need to have eye strain in doing this activity continuously. The presence of this machine provides a lot of ease because it has cuff and collar special features. It is also easy to attach the button and some other motion applications. As one of the most recommended machine, you will be able to enjoy its 14 built in stitches. They are simple 4 step button hole, stretch stitches, and many more. All of them are very valuable to support the quality of fabric and clothes you produce. It also comes with lot of accessories inside.

#3. SINGER 5532

SINGER 5532As the additional choice, you can even consider SINGER 5532. It is one of the metal frame based sewing machine. The presence of this powerful body and bed plate proves that the machine is really tough and very strong. This is a great solution to get an awesome sewing experience. This stuff is capable to get 1,100 stitches per minute. It makes a very fast sewing with a very high quality. It happens because you can get 32 built in stitches with so many functions. Another timesaver options is available on its automatic needle threaded features. It only produced 100v machine for consumers on United States and Canadian only.